36 Volt Golf Cart Battery Chargers

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Eagle i3612 Eagle i3625 Schauer 20 Amp 36 Volt Charger
Dual Pro Eagle 12amp
36V Battery Charger
Dual Pro Eagle 25 amp
36V Battery Charger
Schauer 20 Amp
36V Battery Charger

Club Car, EZ-GO, Yamaha, others

Tips on selecting a 36 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger

We offer two Eagle model chargers and one Schauer charger for 36 volt golf cart applications. For a cart that's used for running down to the mailbox, or out to the barn once or twice a day, or any moderate or infrequent use, 12 amps is usually sufficient for charger output. For running around the ranch or warehouse all day, or 18 holes of golf, the 20 to 25 amp units would be appropriate. The Eagles are US built with a 3 year warranty. We like them. All of our chargers are microprocessor controlled, and can be left hooked up basically indefinitely. When they finish the charge, they go into a maintenance mode, which keeps the batteries charged, without overcharging. This maximizes battery life, as periods of sitting without maintenance, allows a lead acid battery, including the sealed AGM types, to partially (or fully) internally discharge and sulfate. Enough of this reduces a lead acid battery's capacity to charge, or destroys it altogether. With the price of a set of Golf Cart Batteries these days, proper maintenance is a must. Flooded batteries (wet) should still have the water level checked every month or two, as always. Any questions, just give a call.

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