Dual Pro CRS2 Charge on the Run Charger

12 Volt to two 12 Volt Auxilliary Batteries

The Dual Pro CRS2 Onboard Charger is a marine unit which takes engine alternator output from the starting battery when the engine is in use, and passes it to two auxilliary 12 volt batteries, which may be wired in series for 24 volts, as in a typical trolling motor installation, or wired in parallel. This maximizes run time available from the auxilliary batteries. The unit does not start the current flow until the starting battery reaches a factory preset voltage, and then monitors the starting battery, and shuts off current flow to the secondary batteries, if the starting battery starts to lose voltage. When the auxilliary batteries reach a preset voltage, the unit shuts off.

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CRS2 Part#: CRS2

Charge on the Run
12/24 Volt Charger


Specifications:  Features:
Dim (LxWxH):4 x 6 x 5.5 Waterproof
Actual Weight:4.0 Ignition Protected
Ship Weight:5.0 Reverse Polarity Protection
Input:Alternator LED Indicators
Output:12/12 Amps 2 Outputs
Approvals:ISO 8846-Marine Made In USA
Warranty:3 Years 5 Foot Output Cable

Applications for the CRS2 Onboard Charger

This unit is waterproof and designed for marine applications, specifically for trolling motor and similar uses, where two batteries that are cycled can benefit from charging while the boat is on the fly under engine power from one location to another. The features and functions make the unit suitable for any similar situation, where 12 volt engine charging current is available for two auxilliary batteries. Vans and trucks with house batteries, mobile vendors, mobile testing equipment, etc., can make good use of this charger. As with all Dual Pro chargers, these have a 3 year warranty, and are made in Tennessee.

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