CCx5 Dual Pro Charger Cable Extension Kit

Five foot cable extension for Dual Pro Marine Battery Chargers

The Dual Pro CCx5 is a factory engineered extension kit for a Dual Pro marine battery charger, or any marine battery charger in the 10 to 15 amp per bank range. They are 14 gauge, with appropriate connectors and shrink tubing. On those occasions where you need to extend an output, because of battery distance, this is the solution. You need one for each bank you need to extend. There are other lengths available.

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Dual Pro Cable Extension Kit Part#: CCx5

Dual Pro 5 Foot
Charger Cable Extension


Installation in Three Easy Steps

Step 1: Join cables with quick and sure connectors (No Crimping)
Step 2: Seal individual connections with pliable heat shrink
Step 3: Seal entire connection with another layer of heat shrink

Features of Pro Charging System’s Charge Cable Extensions

•Fast and easy installation
•Strong and sure connectors
•Dual fused for ultimate safety
•Connection protected by double layer of heat shrink
•Sealed cable connections provide ultimate corrosion resistance
•Minimizes voltage drop from spliced cables
•Heavy 14 gauge wire cable assembly
•The safest way to extend charge cables
•Meets Marine ABYC standards

Each package Includes:

One (+/–) charge cable
Heat shrink material
All hardware and instructions

Be sure to see our battery charging tutorial.

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