Dual Pro Eagle Charger Setting - Wet Cell to Gel Cell

Here we give you pictures and text for Dual Pro Eagle charger setting, from wet cell to Gel cell batteries, and back. The newer models, April 2009, and later, and all the units we have in stock, have the internal jumper to select a true Gel battery profile, or set back to wet cell/AGM. They typically come from the manufacturer set wet cell/AGM, but can be configured before the charger is shipped, to the Gel setting, if the customer needs that. Be sure you have true Gel batteries before selecting this profile, and not just 'sealed lead acid', or AGM batteries. There is a difference. Optima™ batteries and Odyssey™ batteries are not Gel batteries, as some salesmen claim. They are high performance AGM batteries.

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Eagle Charger with cover removed Eagle Charger jumper location Eagle Charger removing jumper
Charger with top cover removed Picture of jumper Removing jumper

Eagle Charger with jumper removed
Charger with jumper removed

You can tape the jumper to the inside of the cover, or simply offset the jumper one pin and reinstall it on just one of the pins. This keeps the jumper with the charger at all times. Converting from the Gel setting to wet/AGM setting is simply reinstalling/installing the jumper on the pins. The appropriate LED lights on the face of the charger, according to the setting.

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