MobileCharge 24 Volt In-Vehicle Battery Charger

In Car Wheelchair and Mobility Scooter Battery Charger

Charge your power chair or scooter while you drive. The MobileCharge24E is an electronic 'in-car' charger that plugs into a lighter socket or power port in a car, truck, or van, and charges a 24 volt wheelchair or scooter with the 3 pin XLR plug connector while the vehicle is running, and up to 2 1/2 hours after the vehicle shuts off, if the vehicle power socket remains 'hot' after the key is shut off. This 12 volt to 24 volt DC battery charger is a 3 stage smart charger, that won't overcharge the wheelchair/scooter batteries, and won't discharge the vehicle starting battery, as it is microprocessor controlled. This unit is safe for AGM or true Gel batteries. We have had numerous inquiries on such a charger, and now offer an excellent unit for a very decent price. Lightweight, compact, and handy.

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Mobilecharge Charger Mobilecharge Connectors Part#: MobileCharge24E

MobileCharge 24 Volt
In Vehicle Charger


Specifications:  Features:
Dim (LxWxH):3.75 x 2.4 x 1.0 3 Stage Charging Profile
Actual Weight:.7 Mode Indicating LEDs
Ship Weight:2.0 Demand Sensing
DC Input:12.2 - 15.5 VDC 96% Efficiency
DC Output:24 VDC Over Voltage Protection
Output Amps:2.5 Short Circuit Protection
Absorption:28.8 VDC XLR Connector
Float:27.3 VDC Float Mode
Temperature:-25C to 70C Made in USA
Input Cord:6 ft  
Output Cord:6+ ft  

XLR Diagram

Traditional polarity on mobility chargers using the XLR 3 pin connector. NOT followed by Everest-Jennings.

Fits Pride (except Victory), Hoverround, Invacare (except Lynx L3), Permobil, Drive, Ranger, Sunrise, Quickie (models with off-board charger), all Golden (except Companion), Bruno, PaceSaver (Off-board charger models only- Atlas Plus 3, Eclipse, Esprit), Shoprider (except Sunrunner Deluxe and Lithium-ion battery models), Heartway, Merits (all with OFF-BOARD chargers), AND most other Mobility Scooters and Power Chairs with off-board chargers & XLR connector. May not be compatible with some EV Rider, Zipír, E&J, or Worldwide Seating chairs.

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