NOCO Genius G26000 Multi-purpose Battery Charger

12/16/24 Volt Multi-Purpose Battery Charger

The NOCO Genius G26000 Multi-Purpose Battery Chargers are designed with versatility in mind. All of the chargers in the multi-purpose line are packed with features that are designed to diagnose, recover, charge and maintain a wide range of batteries, in a wide range of applications, including lithium. The quick connect system allows users to move one charger between multiple applications with ease. Eyelet Terminal Connectors can be left installed on some vehicles, or attached to the heavy duty alligator clamps. Overall, the NOCO Genius multi-purpose battery chargers are perfect for users looking for flexibility and who want the ability to quickly switch between applications.

The G26000 is a smart, 15 Step, fully automatic switch-mode battery charger and maintainer. The G26000 restores batteries to their original capacity, recovers slightly sulfated batteries, charges batteries in cold climates, rescues drained batteries, and provides maintenance charging to increase battery life. A powerful battery charger with specialized charging modes for recovering severely drained batteries, that will not accept a normal charge and the ability to perform an equalization charge. Suitable for most 12V and 24V battery capacities from 25-500Ah, such as Motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, Snowmobiles, Jet Skis, Cars, RVs, Boats and Trucks. The G26000 also has 16 volt AGM and Lithium settings for race battery applications. This model has a power supply mode, silent mode, and boost mode for severely sulfated batteries (we prefer electronic desulfators).

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NOCO Genius G26000 NOCO Genius G26000 Kit Part#: NOCO G26000

NOCO 12/24 Volt
G26000 Charger


Specifications:  Features:
Dim (LxWxH):11.9 x 5.6 x 3.0 Enclosed
Actual Weight:6.9 Overcharge Protection
Ship Weight:8.0 Reverse Polarity Protection
AC Input:85 - 130 VAC Short Circuit Protected
Output:12/16/24 Volt Auto Memory
Output:26/19.5/13 Amp Interactive Processor
Cables:6 FT Switch-Mode
Absorption:14.4V/28.8V LED Indicators
Cold/AGM:14.7V/29.4V Cold/AGM Mode
Power Supply:13.6V/5A Fan Cooled
12V Boost Mode:16.5V/1.5A Temp Compensating
24V Boost Mode:33.0V/1.5A IP44 Housing
Lithium Mode:12 and 16 volt  
Silent Mode:14.4V/5.0A  
Approvals:ETL, CSA Wet, MF, AGM, GEL, Lithium
Warranty:5 Years Pro Rated 0 - 40°C

POWERED BY NOCO'S VosFX PROCESSOR - The VosFX Processor is a revolutionary smart processor utilizing sophisticated levels of intelligence to alter the charge process.
RAPID CHARGING TECHNOLOGY - Charges batteries 2X faster than traditional linear battery chargers.
HIGH FREQUENCY, HIGH EFFICIENCY - High-frequency, high-efficiency for a lightweight, compact charger.
DESIGNED FOR SAFETY - Reverse polarity, short circuit, open circuit, spark proof, overheat, overcurrent & overcharge.
•Fully Interactive, MCU Controlled
•Charges: Wet, MF, Gel, AGM and Lithium Batteries
•Compact Lightweight Design
•Cold/AGM Mode
•Power Supply Mode
•Boost (Desufation) Mode
•Lithium Mode
•Silent Mode (No Fan)


Be sure to see our battery charging tutorial.

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