Pulsetech 25 Foot Extension 100X825

The PulseTech 25 Foot Extension quick connects to the output lead of the PulseTech Xtreme Charger, or the 2 bank Xtreme X2 model. Ring terminals or alligator clips quick connect to the other end of the extension. This helps where AC power is not available close to the vehicle battery to be maintained, or you desire to keep the charger body some distance from the battery. The extension works for other brand chargers that use the SAE two pin offset connector, such as Battery Tender™.

Pulsetech extension Part#: PT-25

PulseTech 100X825
25 Foot Extension


Specifications:  Features:
Length:25 Ft SAE 2 Pin
Actual Weight:1.0  
Ship Weight:2.0  

Be sure to see our battery charging tutorial.

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