Pulsetech Ring Terminals 100X830

The PulseTech Ring Terminals attach to a battery, such as a motorcycle, ATV, jetski, or other 12 volt battery, and allow an Xtreme Charge single bank or 2 bank charger to quick connect to the battery for charging/maintenance. This is particularly useful for hard-to-access batteries. Installing accessory ring terminals on all of the 'toys', allows the chargers to be rotated through, and charge, maintain, or desulfate any 12 volt lead acid battery, including sealed AGM and true Gel types.

Pulsetech ring terminals Part#: PT-Rings

PulseTech 100X830
Ring Terminals


Specifications:  Features:
Length:23 Inches SAE 2 Pin
Actual Weight:0.2  
Ship Weight:1.0  

Be sure to see our battery charging tutorial.

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