Quick Charge Octopus 10 Bank Charger

10 Bank Chargers, 12 Volt at 6 Amps per Bank

The Quick Charge Octopus 10 Bank Charger is an industrial quality, US built charger, for commercial shops or the home shop. The standard unit is used for for flooded (wet) cells and AGM batteries. These are built to order by the manufacturer, so allow a lead time.


Quick Charge Octopus Part#: Octopus-AGM

Quick Charge 10 Bank
12 Volt 6 Amp Charger


Specifications:  Features:
Dim (LxWxH):12.0 x 9 x 7 Handle
Actual Weight:38.0 Thermal Protection
Ship Weight:39.0 Reverse Polarity Protection
AC Input:115 VAC 10 Independent Banks
AC Current Draw:8 Amps Spark Free Hookup
Output:12 Volt 6 Amp x 10 Short Circuit Protected
Float Voltage:13.56 or 13.8 LED Readout
Cyclic for AGM:14.7 Made In USA
Warranty:1 Year  

Quick Charge Battery Chargers

You know we like US built products, as hard as they are to find in some markets. Quick Charge builds all their units in the USA, and stands behind them. The charge profiles they offer indicate an understanding of battery manufacturer recommendations, and good battery management. Most of the models have selectable profiles to accomodate the battery types. They also offer high amp models and voltages previously unavailable in our lineup, such as Electric Vehicle (EV) market chargers, and high end industrial applications.

Most of their chargers we will offer will have a float mode, for long term battery management. A few will shut off and monitor battery voltage, reinitiating a charge cycle if required. We have access to all their models, so if you want something that isn't listed, give us a call.

Be sure to see our battery charging tutorial.

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