Quick Charge On Board Select-A-Charge Battery Chargers

If you see a model you like, write down the price. It will be hard to beat it for a NEW charger.


Quick Charge Programmable Chargers

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12 Volt 25 Amp $289 12 Volt 35 Amp $354 12 Volt 50 Amp $421
24 Volt 25 Amp $347 24 Volt 40 Amp $421
32 Volt 25 Amp $411
36 Volt 25 Amp $400 36 Volt 35 Amp $479
48 Volt 15 Amp $358 48 Volt 25 Amp $458
64 Volt 20 Amp $458
72 Volt 10 Amp $393 72 Volt 20 Amp $458
84 Volt 13 Amp $458
96 Volt 12 Amp $458

The Quick Charge Select-A-Charge On Board chargers are compact for their power output, and can mount in any direction, on scissor lifts, floor scrubbers, standby generators, pallet jacks, electric vehicles, or anything that would benefit from an on-board battery charger. This is the programmable model, and can be set for four different charge profiles, to take care of most any lead acid, sealed lead acid AGM, or sealed lead acid GEL battery requirements. The Select-A-Charge is temperature compensating, and features a digital readout for battery voltage or percent of charge. They are vibration resistant, and totally enclosed in a die cast enclosure, to resist the effects of water, dirt, or a harsh environment. They are energy efficient, up to 25% more so than ferroresonant chargers. Best of all, they are made in the USA. These are built to order by the manufacturer, so allow about a week lead time.

So, hopefully these units from Quick Charge will fill some missing niches in our selection with quality, US built chargers. So, take a look and call our tech line if you have any questions. We only carry quality, reliable products that will do the job if properly selected.

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