BSP212 2.5 Watt Solar Battery Charger

Solar panels convert sunlight energy to electrical energy. The BSP212 solar panel is appropriately sized to maintain a single 12 volt battery or 12 volt battery pack of about 35 to 120 amp hours of capacity, without a controller. This solar panel has a built in blocking diode to prevent electrical feedback through the panel at night (drain), and therefore does not need a controller for this purpose. The BSP212 is an aluminum framed, exterior grade commercial solar panel for long term exterior use, and comes with 10 feet of UV resistant cable permanently attached.

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BSP2-12 2.5 Watt Solar Maintainer BSP2-12 2.5 Watt Solar Maintainer Part#: BSP212

2.5 Watt
Solar Battery Charger


Specifications:  Features:
Dim (LxWxH):9.8 x 6.1 x .6 Aluminum Frame
Actual Weight:1.4 Built in Blocking Diode
Ship Weight:3.0 Weatherproof
Open Circuit:21.0 VDC 10 Foot Output Cable
Output:2.5 watts  
Output Current:.15 Amps  
Warranty:5 Years  

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BSP2-12 Mount $19

Applications for the BSP212 2.5 Watt Panel

We use this panel for maintenance of emergency generator or pump starting batteries, motor homes, buses, or heavy equipment where the starting system is a single 12 volt battery of the above mentioned capacity. Trailers with single 12 volt batteries for hydraulic pumps are another candidate, for maintenance during storage only; the battery should charge from the towing vehicle or another charging source, or a larger solar panel used. The BSP2-12 can be used to maintain boat (marine) batteries of appropriate size, but each battery should have its own solar panel, and be put away in a fully charged state.

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