Taxi Radio Booster Model 670 DC Converter

12 VDC to 16 VDC at 70 amps continuous

The Taxi Radio Booster Model 670 DC Converter by SEC America is a US built 1000 watt unit, of the highest quality. The SEC unit is highly efficient, which provides cool operation, high reliability, and long life expectancy for the converter and the equipment which it powers. The design makes this performance possible over an extremely wide operating temperature range(the best we have seen) and under the most rigorous vibration and shock conditions. Only top quality components are used. These units may cost more than others, but are fully suitable for military, industrial, scientific, and other applications where exceptional electronics are demanded. There are a number of these units in cabs in New York.

The Model 670 will boost voltage in 12V vehicles to levels between 15V and 18V, enabling the operation of communication equipment at full capacity. While Model 670 derives its input from the auto's electrical system, its output may be connected to power only the transceiver. This approach avoids degradation in the remainder of the vehicle’s electrical components that would occur from a boost in the vehicle's overall electrical voltage. When the booster is in the off state it simply feeds its input voltage to its load unboosted.

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SEC America Model 670 Converter SEC America Model 670 Converter Part#: Model 670

SEC America
70 Amp Continuous
DC to DC Converter


Electrical Specifications

Output Voltage:16.0 Nominal
Output Voltage Adjust Range:15.0 VDC to 18.0 VDC (internally adjustable)
Continuous Max Load Amps:70 ADC @ 40C ambient (Input 12.5 VDC)
Maximum Power Dissipation:60 Watts @ Full Load
Maximum Input Current:120 A (12 VDC in)
Overload Protection (primary)Electronically current limited
Overload Protection (secondary)Internal Auto Fuses
Cooling:Convection and Forced Air
 Thermostat Controlled Fan activates at skin temperature of 60C
Output Ripple Voltage:10 mV RMS (20C to 60C) 50 mV RMS (-30C)
Input Voltage Range:11 VDC to 15 VDC
Input Output Isolation:Input and Output returns are common

Low Voltage Cutout Circuit:

Low Voltage Cutout Point:Adjustable from 10.5 VDC to 13 VDC
Low Voltage Cutout Hysteresis:1.2 VDC @ 13.0 V / 0.9 VDC @ 10.5 VDC

Activation Circuits:

1) May be activated through the command terminal #1 of terminal block TBA which when connected to +12 VDC of the vehicle or #2 terminal of TBA will turn on the converter.

Operating Parameters:

Ambient Operating Temperature:-30C to + 60C
Maximum Humidity:100% non condensing
Maximum Elevation:15000 ft. above sea level

Mechanical Specifications:

Dimensions:12.0 L x 4.0W x 3.0 H (inches)
Shipping Weight:7 lb.
Construction:Steel base with aluminum heatsink
Mounting Method:#12 Hardware via front and rear mounting flanges
Hook Up:4 Position Splicer Terminal Blocks, #6 gauge

For technical information regarding SEC DC-DC Converters, be sure to visit SEC America, LLC - a leading US built power converter manufacturer. SEC America DC Converters

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