Schauer JAC2036 20 Amp 36 Volt Battery Charger

This charger is ideal for bulk charging 36 volt battery packs (wet,AGM or Gel) of about 80 amp hour (ah) and up, or as a floating charger (long term maintenance) for large 36 volt battery systems. This is a durable, aluminum cased unit. Typical applications include golf carts, smaller forklifts, scissor lifts, industrial carts and applications. They are excellent for use on deep cycle batteries. The charger is selectable for flooded or sealed lead acid battery types, is fused on the input and output sides, and has flanges for mounting. The JAC2036 features an auto-sensing universal input from 100 to 240 VAC, and is rated for a 100% duty cycle. This unit comes with the industry standard 50 amp Anderson SB50 connector, in gray, which fits the 1983 to 1995 EZ-GO carts with the gray connector. This also fits other applications. Additional connectorpigtails are below.

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Schauer 20 Amp 36 Volt Battery Charger top Schauer 20 Amp 36 Volt Battery Charger front Schauer 20 Amp 36 Volt Battery Charger back Part#: JAC2036

36 Volt 20 Amp Charger
with Grey SB50 connector



Schauer 20 Amp 36 Volt Battery Charger top ezgo powerwise D connector Charger with EZGO
Powerwise D Pigtail

crowsfoot Crowsfoot

Connector Pigtail

Star pigtail Star Car

Connector Pigtail


Specifications:  Features:
Dim (LxWxH):9.5 x 7.0 x 6.0 3 Stage Charging Profile
Actual Weight:9.5 Mode Indicating L.E.D.
Ship Weight:12.0 Low Start Voltage (less than 4 volts)
AC Input:100-240 VAC Reverse Polarity Protection
AC Input:50/60 Hz Over Voltage Protection
Output Amps:20.0 Short Circuit Protection
Absorption:44.6/43.2 VDC Thermal Protection
Float:40.2 VDC Fan Cooling
Temperature:32 F to 120 F Auto-sensing Universal Input
Approval:CE, UL pending For Wet, AGM, & Gel Lead Acid Batteries
Warranty:2 Years 100% Duty Cycle

Schauer Battery Chargers

Schauer battery chargers are microprocessor controlled, fully automatic electronic devices, which use switch-mode technology to change AC input voltage to DC output voltage at much faster rates than traditional ferroresonant type chargers, which allows for a much smaller transformer, and therefore less size and weight, and increased efficiency. Proper maintenance of lead acid batteries keeps them healthy, and increases their life expectancy.

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