BSP30-12-LSS 30 Watt Unbreakable Solar Panel

This 30 watt unbreakable solar panel puts out 1.66 amps of DC power during peak solar hours. This panel should be used with a controller, as it is large enough to overcharger batteries without one. 360 watts of solar can be used for maintenance of 12 volt batteries up to about 250 amp hours of capacity and replace moderate energy consumption, such as an alarm system, LED lights, electronic devices, or electric gate openers. This is a stainless steel sheet with the solar material laminated to it to produce a heavy duty, unbreakable commercial grade solar panel for long term exterior use, and has 10 feet of UV resistant cable permanently attached. The unbreakable panel is appropriate for hazardous environments where impact or dropping is a possibility, or portable use where constant handling increases chances of breakage. About 6 to 12 amps per day, depending on location.

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BSP10-12-LSS 10 Watt Solar Maintainer BSP10-12-LSS 10 Watt Solar Maintainer Part#: BSP30-12-LSS

30 Watt Unbreakable
Solar Panel


Specifications:  Features:
Dim (LxWxH):24.6 x 17.4 x .3 Stainless Steel Backing
Actual Weight:11.3 Exterior Grade
Ship Weight:16 Weatherproof
Open Circuit:21.96 VDC 10 Foot Output Cable
Output:30 watts  
Output Current:1.66 Amps  
Warranty:5 Years  

Applications for the BSP30-12-LSS 10 Watt Unbreakable Panel

This 30 watt panel is used for battery maintenance and recharging small solar systems where the current draw is small (4 to 12 amps total in a day). A solar controller such as the Morningstar SunSaver 6 should be used with this panel, or any solar panel over 5 watts output. We use this panel in 12 volt applications or series two panels for 24 volt applications in RVs, boats, or similar setups with a small current drain. Construction equipment or trailers like dump trailers with starting or deep cycle batteries can make use of this unbreakable panel for battery maintenance or recharge without the problem of breakage.

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