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We offer industrial quality battery chargers in amperages from 2 amps to 180 amps, and 6, 8, 12, 24, 36, 42, and 48 volt output, and now 72 volt on up to 144 volt DC. They are all fully automatic, and either switch mode or transformer based, depending on the application or manufacturer. These are all the so called "smart" chargers, utilizing multi stage charging, which provides efficient charging. The microprocessor takes information from the battery (voltage) and regulates the charge current to achieve maximum charge value without harming the battery, and ends the charge in a maintenance mode, suitable for long periods or storage. These features are considerable improvements over old battery charging technology, and eliminate undercharging or overcharging, both of which are detrimental to battery health. With our industrial quality battery chargers, you can attach and forget, and get maximum battery life and health. These are industrial quality units, and they may cost a little more, but the improvement in battery life, or proper operation of your prototype/production project more than pays the difference. We use these in commercial, marine, military, and home use applications.

The Schauer and Samlex chargers are 3 stage units, providing up to the battery charger maximum output amperage(constant current), and monitoring of the charge voltage as it rises to the absorption set point. The absorption set point is generally between 14.1 volts DC and 14.7 volts DC in a 12 volt charger. The charger then maintains the absorption voltage (constant voltage) until the battery is fully charged (second stage). At this point, the charger drops the output voltage to the 3rd, or "float" stage, which is safe for long term battery maintenance. This float stage voltage is between 13.2 and 13.7 volts DC in a 12 volt battery charger.

The float stage in a microprocessor controlled battery charger is an excellent application of new technology in this computer age. Older trickle chargers usually maintained a current level that was too high for long term maintenance, and overcharged batteries, thus requiring constant monitoring. The new chargers can be left connected for indeterminant periods, and the microprocessor only applies enough current (at the float voltage) to compensate for internal discharge.

This internal discharge (self-discharge) is a common characteristic of lead acid batteries, but varies with battery type. The wet, or flooded lead acid batteries are constructed of a lead-antimony alloy, to provide structural strength to the battery. This lead-antimony alloy construction leads to internal discharge rates of 8% to 40% per month in a wet lead acid battery. The sealed lead acid (SLA) types, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) and Gel, use a lead-calcium alloy, which is not of the same mechanical strength as the lead-antimony, since the construction (mats between the plates in the AGM battery, gelled electrolyte in the gel cell) stabilizes the battery structure. The lead-calcium batteries have a lower internal discharge rate, between 2% and 10% per month. This internal discharge leads to suphation of the battery plates, which can harden and either reduce battery capacity, or destroy its ability to be recharged. A significant percentage of lead acid battery failure is from sulphation. Proper battery charging and use of floating chargers reduces the sulphation problem.

The Samlex charger like the SEC1215, SEC1230, SEC2415, SEC2425, and SEC1245 are dip switch settable to deactivate the boost mode to function as a power supply at the float voltage, for backup power systems (UPS) for example, or power supply applications up to their rated output amperage. The Samlex chargers are also dip switch settable for true gel batteries ( gel cell ), and internally selectable for AC input voltage (115/230).

The Dual Pro marine battery chargers are single or multiple independent output, temperature compensating battery chargers. They are a waterproof charger, and fully potted for vibration resistance, and our choice for chemical, or harsh environments. Some ca be built as portable units, with a handle and alligator clips, and can be built with a true gel cell battery charging microprocessor. They are robust and durable chargers, which can be mounted and hard wired in a severe duty application for years of trouble free service. Most feature a 3 year warranty and are also built in the USA, which is not particularly common for electronic items any more.

The Dual Pro charger, in marine grade, is appropriate for applications where an exterior grade battery charger is required or desired. They have mounting flanges, and will endure water, vibration, and temperature. They are used in marine applications, like boats with starting and/or trolling batteries. The Dual Pro marine chargers (except the Recreation Series) are designed to shut off completely when the battery is fully charged, and the microprocessor monitors the battery voltage, initiating another charge sequence if battery voltage requires it. Some battery engineers prefer this method of charging to decrease water loss (flooded batteries). Dual Pro has recently added an available microprocessor with a float mode for the larger units, for those who require/prefer that method.

We also carry a selection of Charge-on-the-fly units from Dual Pro. The ProXtra units are engine only input. They are waterproof, most are multi-bank output, they have mounting flanges, and all are designed for long term service and built in the USA. Applications for these chargers vary from single auxilliary battery systems, to multi-battery systems, where some of the batteries are deeply discharged routinely, as in a trolling motor system in a tournament fishing boat, or industrial applications. These marine units are fully potted inside, and are waterproof, vibration proof, and mountable. They feature LED readouts to indicate charge status, temperature compensation for accurate battery charging, ignition protection, and a three year warranty. These Dual Pro chargers shut off after completion of the charge cycle, and the microprocessor monitors the battery, initiating a new charge cycle if the battery voltage requires it.

We have recently added application specific Eagle golf cart chargers, made in the US by Dual Pro, industrial quality, 3 year warranty, and reasonably priced. We have units that are available with cart-specific connectors (plugs) for EZ-GO™, Club Car™, Yamaha™, and other golf or electric utility carts with generic connector plugs like the Anderson Power Pole series, or Crowsfoot.

The Quick Charge offerings include portable type chargers with handles, available with alligator clips or various industrial connectors, and on board units for mounting on industrial equipment or electric vehicles. This line is available from 8 volt to 144 volt output in various models. There are also 60 amp and 100 amp industrial units. All Quick Charge models are also built in the US and have a 3 year warranty.

We now carry the PulseTech line of battery charger/desulfator products. The Xtreme Charge single and dual bank units incorporate a battery charger with the patented desulfation technology PulseTech uses is its products.

Check out our selection from Japlar-Schauer, Samlex America, Quick Charge, PulseTech, and Dual Pro, if you are in the market for a lead acid or AGM or Gel cell charger. At, we select our battery chargers for reliability, design and function, warranty, and value. We can help with selection or advice by email ( or our tech line: (541) 582-4629. We deal with case pricing for quantity users.

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